This is my first clean HTML article

Marc MelÚndez Schofield

30 September 2009


The purpose of this file is to try and emulate LaTeX style as much as I possibly can with simple HTML and CSS features.

1. This is the first section

And here is some text, with an endnote[1]. However, we need a lot more text if we want to get an idea of what this style looks like. Here I am just rambling and writing without any sense just to see what the result looks like.

2. Another section

Let's start another section with its own little subsection. You are really going to love the end result, although the content isn't very good yet. But don't worry, we'll concentrate on that as soon as this is done.

I can also start another paragraph here with an endnote[2]. This new paragraph doesn't say anything interesting either, but it looks great.

2.1. With a subsection

This is the little subsection that I wrote about a few lines back. This time I'm going to insert a quote. Marc says that:

Once I was writing an HTML file just to test some CSS properties that I was working on. The result was pretty good. I decided to test the quote tags. This is the result.

And that is the end of my quote Furthermore, it would be nice to be able to insert figures and tables. Let's see if we can make one here.


Figure 1: This is the first figure. I'll right a slightly long explanation of the figure to see what it looks like. Here I go... bla, bla, bla. And that's it.

Now I'm going to try something different.

First columnSecond column
second rowSecond row
Table 1: A very silly and uninformative table. What would happen if I went on and on?

This time we are working with a table float to the right. It is a very silly and simple table, but I thought it would be better to use a table than to upload another image. Let see what the result looks like. Hmm-- I've just realized that I need to write a little bit more to see if the text wraps around the figure correctly. That would be fantastic!

It would also be quite nice to be able to write formulae with numbers on the right to indicate the formulae's number. So that is what we are going to test now.

[1]E = mc2


[1] This is my first endnote.

[2] This is my second endnote.